28 May 2008

Bond is Back

The first seven copies of Devil May Care, the new Bond novel commissioned by Penguin Books to celebrate the Ian Fleming centenary, were brought up the river Thames yesterday aboard warship Exeter. A pair of Lynx helicopters escorted the boat on either side. The books were then taken ashore by model Tuuli Shipster (who appears on the cover of the book) on a hi-tech speedboat known as a Pacific 24.

It was a fitting launch for the latest instalment in the adventures of the world's most iconic spy.

Picking up from where Fleming left off in 1966 with The Living Daylights and Octopussy Sebastian Faulks has written the perfect continuation of the James Bond legacy. Devil May Care is set during the Cold War and features all the glamour, thrills and excitement that one would expect from any mission involving Bond... James Bond.

To visit the James Bond collection at Audible go here.

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