3 July 2008

Danny Wallace and Friends Like These

We love Danny Wallace and we’re going to join him! He recently came in to Audible HQ to record an interview for the Audible.co.uk Podcast. He’s a very funny man! We learned that:

  • He coughed twice whilst recording Friends Like These (and spluttered just once)
  • He loves Diary of a Nobody by George Grossmith
  • He recorded a special Friends Like These quiz for the download edition of the book
  • He really likes robots

Ostensibly Danny was in the studio to tell us about his new book, Friends Like These. What’s it all about? Well, essentially it’s a book about friendship... but to find out more, watch this video:

Intrigued? To listen to the special download edition of Friends Like These, click here.


Sarah said...

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Nina Riley said...

This audio book has been out a few years old, but not one that I have listened to yet. Love the preview. Also If Danny likes, The Diary of a Nobody; an English comic novel written by George Grossmith and his brother Weedon GrossmithWallace. Then I should find Danny's audio book very amusing. Off to see if it is available on kindle.