7 April 2008

Download The Wasp Factory for free with The Independent

Audible have teamed up with The Independent this week to give away Iain Banks’ controversial debut novel The Wasp Factory. Starting today you can get the first instalment of the unabridged audiobook for free with print edition of the newspaper. Then, each day until Friday 11 April, you will be able download the next instalment of this great cult classic.
We recently met up with Iain for the Audible.co.uk Podcast. It was a very entertaining interview not least because Banks is such an down-to-earth and affable chap. The interview focussed mainly on his latest book, Matter, but also touched upon The Wasp Factory. Destpite admitting to some concerns about 'wee great grannies' getting a shock when they listen to it, he maintains that his first novel is ‘quite a nice book’ because, he says, it has a happy ending and the truth comes out in the end. Find out for yourself with The Independent this week or, if you can't wait, download the complete novel from Audible.co.uk.

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