12 March 2008

See The Welsh Girl on Richard & Judy today

The final episode of Richard & Judy’s book club airs today and as expected all 10 books featured this year have gone on to become instant bestsellers.

Viewers will now have the chance to vote for their favourite book from the list with the winner receiving the coveted Richard & Judy's Best Read Award at The British Book Awards on 9th April.

If, like me, you are at work on Wednesdays at 5pm and missed the Book Club programmes, you can catch the Richard & Judy interviews on the British Book Awards website.

The final book to feature on this year’s show is The Welsh Girl, the booker longlisted first novel by Peter Ho Davies. The novel is set in Wales in 1944. A German Jewish refugee is sent to interview Rudolf Hess; in Snowdonia a 17 year-old girl, the daughter of a fiercely nationalistic shepherd, dreams of the bright lights of an English city; and in a nearby POW camp, a German soldier struggles to reconcile his surrender with his sense of honour. As their lives intersect, all three will come to question where they belong and where their loyalties lie.

For a list of all the Richard & Judy Book Club choices available as downloads go here.

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